Magnolia and the area around is a paradise for bird-watchers and amateur and professional photographers alike. The region borders a national sanctuary that begins outside the resort and goes all the way into Kerala.

Nature: Inside Magnolia are great nature spots where you can spend your entire day-literally. There are hills and nature trails all around. There are also two lakes on the resort- Emerald and Turquoise named after the natural colors they reflect.

Birdwatching: Magnolia alone is the home of over 200 varieties of exquisite birds. Birds at the estate are best seen at dawn and late afternoons, perched atop the trees around the plantation. Outside the estate, Many of these have been well documented in the book “Feathered Jewels of Coorg” written by nationally renowned ornithologist and medical practitioner, Dr. SV Narasimhan of Virajpet. More details can be found at Coorg Tourism Info Website.

Butterflies & Moths: The plants and trees in Magnolia attract hundreds of varieties of butterflies throughout the year. More details can be found at . We are also home to exquisite moths which can be small or larger than both your hands together. Always harmless, these very colorful moths with extraordinary, perfectly symmetrical patterns on their wings are attracted by the lights of Magnolia. They fall by doors and windows, exhausted by their attempts to reach the light. Watch them, feel them but always- leave them alone as they usually revive and fly away.

Photography: With everything that we’ve described, all our guests now need to do is to whip out their cameras be they cell or professional cameras. Magnolia is home to a dozen different varieties of Orchids, that have all grown naturally in our pristine environment. The natural colors and hues of Magnolia change four to five times from dawn to dusk as the sun rises, as the clouds move and as the mists come and go. This year, we are launching the annual Seasons of Magnolia contest for amateur and professional photographers. For more details, click here.


Magnolia Resort Coorg
Arji Village, Near Perumbadi Check Post
Virajpet, Coorg District
Karnataka - 571218

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